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The Hero Within Course: from “MindNrg Co-Creative Sanctuary”

This 6 module course uses Carol Pearson’s book, The Hero Within as a text book reference for the archetypal stress patterns represented on modern biofeedback equipment, and is required reading. Manifest proactive, repeat clients by using a meaningful, structured process through this life changing program! Each successive 2.5 hour webinar covers the uniquely different emotional, mental and spiritual stress patterns of each archetype, and the biofeedback and coaching programs to apply for psycho-spiritual support toward balance and getting “unstuck” from their more stressful aspects using attractor fields and other insightful techniques.  This course counts as college level electives for those seeking Licensed Spiritual Health Coaching credentials.
For Clients: Our clients often see us as their heroes, and one of the gifts we can share with them is how to recognize and develop their own inner heroism in a way that supports their mental, emotional and spiritual goals of remembering and co-creating wholeness from a position of graceful awareness and responsibility.
For Practitioners: This course not only gives you strategies to assist your clients in achieving their goals, but also how to avoid the pitfalls of the “enabler” aspects they imply for the practitioner, in ways that help you establish professional boundaries while still empowering your clients from a supportive position.  This exciting series is specifically tailored to the 6 facets of heroic archetypes outlined in this book as a basis, and then blended with insights from experience, biofeedback energetics and “attractor field” research.

"The Hero Within; 6 Archetypes We Live By" by Carol S. Pearson: this key text book for the course is required reading, a chapter per week/ archetype.  Use of this book in this course does not imply endorsement by the author of these courses or of biofeedback.  There is no financial gain to the instructor from the purchase of this book. The book may be obtained new or used through the following online sources or from your local booksellers, and is a core reference.  Additional applications and material from the instructor will be provided separately in the course materials.
Chapters/Indigo Books

All registered attendees will receive the recordings of this series for view in an assigned, personal “online classroom” complete with a discussion forum for each archetype (details of access will be emailed after registration).

Because the Indigo and SCIO navigation steps for each archetypal stress pattern are identical at this point in time, the Indigo software will be used for demonstration, but are equally applicable to SCIO users.  

2.5 CEU’s per webinar: 15 CEU’s for the entire series!

The 6 Archetypes of the Hero's Journey Course: Phase 1 - 6: $198.00


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