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Who can buy?

“These devices are regulated as Class ii medical devices by the FDA and they are 510K exempt.”

Trade In Policies:

Many people ask how trade-ins of Scio USB and Indigos to new Eductors proceed. Upon receiving payment, the new Eductor is shipped usually the same or next business day.

If Eductors are in stock in the U.S. expect the Eductor to arrive standard ground travel times with a tracking number issued and signature upon receipt required.
If computers are included in the package, computers will be sent new in the original packaging separately.
The used device being traded in does not get sent back to QX World, Ltd. in Budapest, Hungary until your Eductor arrives and is activated provisionally with our technical support, so that there is no down time without a device.
Only after the Eductor is provisionally activated do you send your trade in device back to QX World, Ltd. in Budapest, Hungary via either FEDEX or UPS, as regular mail will cause delays.
The provisional Eductor software will be limited to 30 uses until QX World Ltd. receives your Scio USB or Indigo.
Your Eductor will be fully activated without a 30-use counter after receipt of the trade-in device in Budapest, Hungary.

Return Policies on All Devices:

For unopened device shipments, returns are accepted within 7 business days of payment.
Used Eductor devices are not accepted for returns; the devices have a 2 year warranty and will be replaced if malfunctioning.
Because this is a regulated medical device, a 10% restocking fee is charged for all returns within one week due to inspection services required.
Separate inclusions on specials such as computers and event passes are non-transferable and not eligible for resale and must be returned with devices. Customers incur all shipping costs on returns.