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It’s the result of merging sophisticated energetic waveform and vibrational programming with proprietary musical compositions, Guided Imagery and more! 

Price: 495.00



Using precise signature of items we’ve known for over a decade now supporting the common needs in our world today, yet are merged together in an entirely unique way… Carefully chosen signatures of Flower Essences, Crystal Gem Stones, Chakra and Energy Bodies support, Colors and Frequency-Specific Sounds from Nature have been harmonically combined with pulsed technology and the MindNrg Original Solfeggio Tones and Guided Imageries, as an outstanding addition to your practice! If you’ve looked for a solution to providing a deeper, more experiential element to your sessions, this is it! Although we cannot capture the full vibrational experience of The MindNrg Program in an mp3, the original Solfeggio Tone Music and Guided Imagery alone have impact and can give you a taste of the App’s essence: just click the player below to hear it for yourself: A Great Complement To Biofeedback Sessions! The MindNrg Program may seem primarily to be a Guided Imagery Meditation App BUT the audio tracks you listen to have no less than 7 different embedded wave form layers.