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Our Mission is to Empower Professionals with Support, Credibility, and Insight

MindNRG™ Co-Creative Sanctuary is comprised of Industry Leaders with the longest experience in compliance and support services that have enabled this special biofeedback modality to flourish.

Our device-placement services include facilitating the sales of new EDUCTOR, SCIO, and pre-owned INDIGO biofeedback systems which employ sophisticated “21st Century Biofeedback” enhancements beyond resistance measurements alone. These devices offer a fuller energetic profile of possible stress reactions. Please visit our Eductor, Scio, and used Indigo product pages for more information and device comparison notes to explore the possibilities.



21st Century Biofeedback has Evolved

EDUCTOR, SCIO, AND INDIGO devices compute stress reactions to proprietary measurements of possible stressors, called “trivector signatures”, from the environment, our own bodies, items such as nutrients, and much more. The insights can be life-changing in a positive way, and as a tool for stress management and meaningful personal growth. Eductor, Scio, and Indigo devices add new dimensions to existing professional practices, and can also serve as the primary technology used in Stress Management, Wellness Coaching, and Spiritual Coaching practices.

MindNRG™ is a registered representative of the manufacturer, QX World, Ltd. We provide start up assistance, a list of licensed professionals familiar with the technology who provide prescription services for unlicensed professionals, ongoing technical support from the North American time zone, and weekly community service webinars to our community of practitioners. Additionally, we produce the largest industry event in the Western Hemisphere, the Congress of Quantum Masters, which you can read about at www.usacongressofquantummasters.com

Please contact us directly or through one of our Certified Technology Consultants for an in-person or online demonstration of the technology. We’re dedicated to furthering our ever-evolving modality, community of practitioners, and the future of biofeedback.


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