The Most Epic (EPX) Biofeedback Device Ever Made!

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Work With Super Fast EPR Data Processing

EPR stands for "Electro Physiological Reactivity". Gain double-blind biofeedback stress reactivity to over 13,000 signatures of items from our world, while looking at overall body-electric parameters, all averaged out to show important profiles based on the individuality of every client or patient.



Meet the EPX™

The Most Comprehensive Biofeedback Device in the World

How Epic is the Accuracy?

How is Voltammetry Used?

What is the “VARHOP”?

What is Trivector Analysis?

Epic Accuracy

The extensive EPX™ software is the best it has ever been, with faster and more accurate data processing of stress reactivity to over 13,000 voltametric signatures, and in calculations of the “VARHOP”. Stress reactivity to these signatures is established through a comprehensive “calibration” between the client or patient and the system, enabling a type of “handshake” to “meet” them at their own recognition level safely. Our vast database has electronic signatures of nutrients, sarcodes, isodes, nosodes, flower essences, emotional imponderables and more, which we measure stress reactivity to. EPX™ is the result of more than 30 years of intensive R&D. Eclosion, LLC of Nevada is the only manufacturer with the proprietary intellectual property license of this technology.

How is Voltammetry Used?  

We use a unique three-dimensional Voltametric process to analyze organic and inorganic compounds, the “trivector” information of which is stored in our database of over 13,000 items, which we refer to as the “Matrix”. This proprietary process, also outlined in our 510(k) regulatory clearance, is what sets our system apart from others. Electrical resistance is then used to detect stress reactivity to those items at super fast biological speeds that are truly double blind. Unlike muscle testing, this process ensures that the practitioner nor the patient can interfere with the results. This was named the “Xrroid” process.

What is the “VARHOP”? 

The VARHOP is an acronym that stands for Voltage, Amperage, Resistance, Hydration, Oxygenation and pH (acid/alkaline balance), as outlined in our 510(k) clearance. From these variables, biological capacitance, inductance, reactance, resonance, cellular vitality estimations, and more are formulaically translated into a scale of balance. This allows us to produce the most sophisticated bioenergetic system within a Biofeedback cybernetic loop to guarantee maximum safety and efficacy. Many other units use resistance readings alone, but our technology is designed to take a “systems” approach of how these factors work together within a model of stress and balance with each other. Our system represents these factors on a cohesive “graded scale”, rather than diagnostically using actual parameter readings.

What is Trivector Analysis?

 As the name suggests, three vectors are used as a baseline for measuring the profile, or “signature”, of an item. That signature takes the form of an electronic shape that is more complex than two dimensional frequencies, and a closer electronic representation of a compound than a frequency alone. Trivector calculations are used both for analyzing and storing the signatures of substances as well as balancing overall Body-Electric parameters for stress reduction and balance.

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A Completely Different Way Of Looking At Stress

Looking beyond diagnostic parameters means embracing the intelligence of the "Body Electric". How does the innate intelligence of the Body Electric communicate? Through stress reactivity to precise electrical information. Both eu-stress (positive) and distress (negative) reactions can pave the way for understanding priorities that may be overlooked when working with strictly diagnostic approaches. Because stress reactivity is subjective, the uniqueness of every person unfolds in a way that is client or patient centered, opening up a more holistic and human connection that is deeply meaningful for both the operator and subject.

See what your Body-Electric is trying to tell you

Everything you see in the EPX™ software is based on communication from your Body-Electric, as driven by your Superconscious mind that governs autonomic nervous system functions.
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Get used to the relaxation of working efficiently

EPX™ was designed to display multiple streams of data after a short period of reactivity profiling.

Increased Value for your practice or Prescription Use

A universal energetic biofeedback device, EPX™ is a long lasting investment that will add expansive depth, precision, and insight to your practice.
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Understanding the Language of Stress

The Language of Stress

“Stress”. We use the term casually to describe unpleasant feelings of overwhelm and discomfort, but there’s much more to it than “distress” or even positive “eustress”. Dr. Hans Selye was the first scientist to use the term “stressors” in an adaptive model of “alarm, adaptation, and exhaustion”, which our system embraces.

The Selye Adaptive Model of Stress

Ideally, we should react to stressors with an “alarm” reaction that notifies us when something isn’t right, which prepares us to take necessary action. Eventually, we return to homeostasis, or stability, and move along. In some circumstances, the presence of stressors persist, and we may adapt to them, but they can still cause stress. If we only adapt without resolving the stressors as they build up, this can lead to exhaustion. If you think about it, this model can apply to mental stress, emotional stress, and physical stress.

Is Stress Only Consciously Perceived?

The reality is that most people can’t describe or even know all the details of stress in their world, and can even avoid focusing on them, giving them less conscious control. Our system is designed to interface with the Body Electric system that responds to stressors to see what it has to say through reactions to our database of signatures, and then reduce the stress reaction through awareness, VARHOP, and Trivector balance.

Filling The Missing Gaps with Holistic Insight

The language of stress doesn’t have prepositions, adjectives, or verbs, so we have to look at reactions and, together with the client or patient, consciously determine why a reaction to a signature was strong or weak, eustress or distress, wanted or unwanted. With the large number of categories of signatures contained in our Matrix, patterns of priority emerge on multiple levels. This interpretive process brings depth to our style of stress reduction and supports raising awareness on all levels of being for a mind / body / emotional system approach to wellbeing. The language of stress reactivity is deeply profound, operative on all levels of being, and highly accurate, yet is still a subjective reaction with specific meaning unique to an individual, and therefore not diagnostic in and of itself. Using our system, there is a three-way dialogue between the client or patient, practitioner, and system.

Hardware Features

Technologies that enhance productivity

Multiple frequency generators

Streamlined productivity on multiple channels for harmonic interaction.

Sophisticated Modern Fourier Analysis/Transform , Programmable Waveforms, Square, Spike, Sinus, Saw

Fourier Transform is a mathematical model which helps to transform the signal between multiple domains. This improves data reception for identification of predominant frequency trivector patterns.


A chip measured and approved according to the current regulations and standards to be safe and effective to use

Accessory Tray

Extends the signals generated to and from the harnesses to the tray.

Communication improved

The communication between patient and computer is now 1000 times improved compared to prior devices.

Integrated Software Modules

Matrix Explorer
The "Matrix Explorer" panel is a searchable duplication of your patient's main stress- reactivity profile panel (referred to as the "Main Matrix"), with over 13,000 voltametric signatures displayed in order of strength of stress response. The Matrix Explorer can be used for perusing the items more thoroughly while other programs are running (which can obscure visibility of the Matrix database), and for conducting specific Matrix word or category searches, saving time in session for better productivity. Even better, double clicking Matrix line-items you choose loads them into a lineup called a "queue" that is sent to the main EPX™ software's active-Matrix panel, where, with one click, the program will automatically address each stress reaction in succession in a cybernetic Biofeedback loop, or for simply exploring more thoroughly through the "Individual Reactions" function for more complex electrical reactivity information. The practitioner chooses the word searches and compilation of queue items to be addressed, while the system places your chosen items in the order of your patient's original double-blind stress reactivity strength, ensuring an approach honoring both the patient's prioritized responses and the practitioner's targeted expertise.
Body Viewer
The Body Viewer is a Biofeedback display that matches EPX™ Matrix signatures with video representations of anatomy, chakras, stress reduction programs, and more. The Body Viewer is in an integrated information-exchange process with the main body of the EPX™ program and runs simultaneously while you work in other panels. You can choose your own selections or run an automated flow of programs drawn from the patient's main stress reactivity profile. The Body Viewer can keep up with your progression through the main EPX™ session and is easily refreshed with automatic importation of Matrix line items as emergent stress reactivity becomes apparent as the session unfolds. The Body Viewer can also be transferred to a second monitor display for the patient to view relaxation-themed videos of the human biofield, moving geometrical patterns, scenes from nature, anatomy education, and more.
Cellular Vitality Scan
An adjunct, integrated program and educational library all in one, this program displays stress reactivity profiles based on VARHOP data and contains a library function reference to associated mind-body stress responses that can occur in unanticipated fight-or-flight events. While registering as a type of surprise or emotional "shock" to the system, perceived stress reactions can produce either a strong or mild sympathetic nervous system response in the body, some of which can last for years until resolved. Persistent sympathetic nervous system activity can gradually lead to feelings of burnout and fatigue, impaired digestion, lack of clear mental focus, insomnia, and other progressive health problems. The patient may react with a stress reaction to a previous or current mind-body combination. Subsequently, this allows for education and targeted relaxation training regarding how to switch the undercurrent of mind-body sympathetic stress to a calming parasympathetic response and reduce the chronic or acute stress processes that may still be unchecked, active, and unresolved within the mind-body’s own stress management systems.
S.O.H. Dictionary
This itemized, alphabetized “bibliotherapy” software program is a library function provided by IMUNE, dedicated to insight into "Suppression and Obstruction to Health" (S.O.H.). Because the EPX™ philosophy is based in natural approaches to wellness, the dictionary is a reference for short-hand definitions by name and symptoms, along with traditional notations from Traditional Chinese Medicine approaches, herbal and nutritional profiles, homeopathy, behavioral psychology, and more. Because the S.O.H. Dictionary panel operates simultaneously with the main EPX™ program, it can be modified to shorter or longer periods of time during session for a more targeted emphasis using specific EPX™ program settings based on "Superconscious" choices.
Prescription Use Panel
This panel was designed for both prescription home users following a specific regimen, or for the busy practitioner who prefers to dial in an easy stress reduction session for self-care after a long day. Each program choice is coupled with flexible timer settings, allowing for either longer sessions up to 1.5 hours with a larger variety of theme choices, or a shorter session based on fewer, more targeted program selections. The Prescription Use panel also has options for what we refer to as "Superconscious" choices, which are highlighted items determined by the EPX™ calibration and VARHOP parameters for easier session design that takes the guesswork out of decision making, especially at the end of a strenuous work day. User-choice preferences can also be chosen, such as facial muscle re-education for appearance, and can be combined with the "Superconscious" choices, providing the best of both worlds.
This adjunct panel is also a bibliotherapy library function provided by IMUNE. As a virtual duplication of one of the most valuable panels inside the main EPX™ software, it can operate simultaneously in the background of all sessions. In addition to verbal descriptions, the Iridology program displays numerous photo examples of iris changes that can be compared against the patient's eyes, along with information about each item's causation profile, all integrated with corresponding Matrix signatures. From pictures of anatomy, acupuncture points for specific eye related complaints, dental sarcode/nosode signatures, and sacred geometry patterns, the Iridology panel is designed for a "whole person focus" for stress reduction and education.
Report Generation and Record Keeping Options
The EPX™ software compiles either a simple record of VARHOP parameters, top Matrix signature reactivity, your short-hand notes, and panels visited in session, or a longer, more comprehensive and educational report based on fuller explanation. The choice is yours, in keeping with your scope of practice and needs.
Consciousness Intention Amplifier
This program operates like a prayer wheel, allowing for intentions, such as goals for wellbeing and success, to be manually entered, coupled with generalized positive affirmations continuously "cycling" at a rapid speed for subliminal general self- improvement. Spiritual Coaches also design specific prayers central to the client's beliefs in this panel. The program stores any practitioner-designed statements for specific patients in an organized list, which can be reloaded in his or her next session for reinforcement through repetition, or edited and elaborated upon later if necessary. Quantum physics has validated the positive impact of intention medicine and entanglement, to the extent that most molecularly-based clinical trials are designed to remove intention from inferring a placebo effect. Although our system was ultimately designed as a scientific double-blind profile of true stress reactivity, why remove the potential power of intention and the positive impacts of the "entanglement" when it can be added to any session in five minutes or less, and supports positive thinking?

Hardware Features




Human Head Harness




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