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EPX™: Electro Performance Xrroid

A range of EPIC insights that will change the way you work


Our Mission

Our Mission is to Empower Professionals with Support, Credibility, and Insight.

The separate training scholarships we provide ensure twice weekly access (except holidays and admin weeks between semesters) to a live, seasoned instructor for at least one year, so that all angles of this unique Biofeedback technology can be supported comfortably,  with the confidence that the transition to seeing life through the filter of “stress” is successfully achieved.

21st Century Stress

21st Century Stress Reduction has Evolved!

The EPX™ device's intended use is for stress reduction, and computes electro physiological reactivity stress reactions to a database of over 12,000 stored proprietary measurements of possible stressors in a way that far exceeds most simpler Biofeedback devices. Through observing Biofeedback stress reactivity profiles from the strongest to weakest reactions to these signatures, practitioners and home users alike may see patterns emerge that take stress reduction to a new level, putting the power of precision into designing a stress reduction program as individual as every client or patient. The insights can be life-changing for stress management and meaningful personal growth. The EPX™ device adds new dimensions to existing professional practices of licensed professionals from other scopes such as Medicine, Psychology, Counseling, Acupuncture, and Chiropractic, and can also serve as the primary technology used in Stress Management practices. EPX™ devices can also be prescribed for home use.